2020 Spring / Summer Newsletter

As we all know by now, the governor closed all businesses like ours this past March. Because of this, we have had to make aggressive, proactive moves to help our students continue to grow and advance in their chosen martial art. We’ve developed an online training course with classes almost every day of the week. We’ve recorded countless training videos that we are distributing to our students. We’ve set up private lessons and special testing events. And we will continue to find new and innovative ways to help our students reach their goals.

It is our intention to continue to provide our students and families with the best martial arts training available. To access our online training venue, please check the “schedule” page on our website for a list of class times and email us at exaros@yahoo.com to attain the link for each class.

Congratulations to Andrew Fry (BJJ Blue Belt) on his marriage to his beautiful bride, Heather on May 16th. Despite the covid-19 lock-down, they managed a beautiful, small ceremony to mark the occasion and begin new lives together. We wish them the best!

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