Kids Classes – Anti Bullying Program

We understand how hard it is to raise children these days. The worries parents can have for their kids are both serious and startling – being bullied by other kids at school, peer pressure to try drugs and alcohol, sexual predators and the adult images in both the popular media and online.

Children today have to deal with challenges that are overwhelming. Sadly, it is nearly impossible to shield your children from these ever-present negative influences, but, there is something you can do to help them deal with the many challenges they face.


Many parents have already discovered that martial arts training is one of the most beneficial activities in which your child can participate. A martial arts school is a place where a child can learn self-control, respect, and get in shape, all in a safe and fun environment.

By enrolling your child in our martial arts classes, you’ll be helping them learn how to make positive choices. Plus, you’ll be giving them a safe place where they can develop the confidence to do what is right.


We offer FREE Introductory Classes, so your child can try martial arts and our school with no commitment. This allows you to make sure it is the right fit for them. Contact us today to get your child started on the path to success.

These are just some of the benefits that your child will receive from martial arts training:

  1. Builds Confidence
    Children will develop confidence in their ability to handle life’s challenges and learn to say “No” to negative influences.
  2. Increases Focus
    We will help your child increase their focus by giving them clear goals and showing them how to reach those goals through hard work and being consistent.
  3. Develops Self Control
    Kids learn self-control in the martial arts by learning how important it is to have respect, both for themselves and for others. They learn to manage both their body and emotions, improving both maturity and self-control.
  4. Instills Discipline
    Discipline is “doing what you must do, when you have to do it, whether you feel like it or not.” Discipline is desparately needed in all areas of life at all ages, from grade school student to adult. The demanding exercises of martial arts training will give your child a vehicle to develop this crucial life skill.
  5. Cultivates Courage
    Life can be difficult, and is quite a struggle at times. The person who is used to overcoming obstacles and has acquired the habit of facing challenges is the one who is more likely to succeed. Our children’s martial arts program will your child to overcome life’s difficulties with a positive outlook and self assurance.

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