Fall 2018 News

Our Halloween Kids Night Out Costume Party is coming up on the 27th of Oct. 5-9pm.  Cost is $25 each child.  Bring a buddy.

Special Testing Events are slated for Oct. 27th, Nov. 17th and Dec. 15th.

Congratulations to Mr. Patrick Durante on finishing a 100-mile running race!  You can get the scoop on how he did and what he experienced on his blog:  https://bouncingsoles.com/2018/10/10/oil-creek-100-miler-mud-rain-and-pain/

Congratulations to Mr. Exaros on the publishing of his second book, “A Village Murder.”  It is the true story of the double murder of his ancestors.  You can buy a copy online at various sites such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Congratulations to Mr. Jared Manning (Sho-Dan) on being accepted into the Staff Assistant Program.  He will be assisting on Weds. evenings 6pm.

Congratulations to Ms. Amanda Maguire and her husband, Chris on the birth of their child.

Congratulations to Mr. Kevin Ketler and his wife on the birth of their twins on 10/13.

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