As we finish up the year, 2016 I want to take a moment to thank all of the students, parents and families who have been so supportive over the past 25+ years.  This didn’t just happen, we made it happen.

Here is some news for our Academies as we draw closer to 2017:

Dec. 17th was our End of the Year Kanpai (All Black Belts)  Congratulations to Mr. King and Mr. Larosa on their promotion to San-Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt) and to Mr. Keller on his promotion to Go-Dan (5th Degree Black Belt). We all went out to dinner afterwards at our favorite Sushi restaurant: Hunan City in Warrington. Great Time!.

Congratulation to Mr. S. Parys and his wife, Kat on the birth of their second child, Elizabeth Marie on Christmas Day!!!! Momma and baby are doing great!

Congratulations to Ms. Nicole Wagner on graduating with her Masters Degree this month in Geography from the West Chester University. Her majors were Geography, Planning and GIS. She also published a thesis on “Reconstruction of Historical Streams and Wetlands in Philadelphia.” Great job!

Deepest Condolences to Ms. Lynott and her family on the loss of her grandmother a couple days before Christmas.

DOJO CLOSED:  Saturday, Dec. 24 and Saturday, Dec. 31.  Have an awesome Holiday!!!

January 2 through March 20th we will be running a 12-week course at all three Rec Centers (Doylestown, Lansdale, Upper Merion / King of Prussia) on Mondays at 6pm.  See the individual Rec Center websites to register.  You can also find the information in our website under “Locations” tab.

January 21, Saturday 12n Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program Special Class.

January 21, Saturday 2pm Sho-dan Prep Class for all those being tested for Sho-Dan in 2017. (one hour)

HAPPY NEW YEAR…….2017, here we come!!!

………..prior months’ news:


Deepest Condolences to Mr. Dallas Strachan and Mr. Kevin Ferguson who both lost a grandparent in November.

Congratulations to Mr. Caleb Sharp (Sho-Dan) who made National Honor Society!

SEMINAR:  Mario Roberto will be returning to Pennsylvania the weekend of Nov. 11th to conduct some training, testing and a seminar.

  • Friday, the 11th……..8pm Class ($20)
  • Sunday, the 13th……9am Blue Belt Testing (by invitation only).
  • Sunday, the 13th……2-4pm Seminar ($45)

The holiday week between Christmas and New Years we will be conducting the following special classes (normal classes are cancelled).  These classes are optional and you can come to as many as you want (according to the program you are enrolled in):

  • Monday
    • 5pm Regular BJJ Class
    • 6pm Black Belt Mentoring Class (come in and get special training from the black belts)
    • 7pm Weapons Class
  • Tuesday
    • 6pm Black Belt Mentoring Class
    • 7pm BJJ Class
  • Wednesday
    • 6pm Black Belt Mentoring Class
    • 7pm Weapons Class
    • 8pm Regular BJJ Class
  • Thursday
    • 5:30 – 6:45pm Bring a Buddy to Class and be the assistant (Junior Division)
    • 7pm BJJ Class
  • Friday
    • 5pm Junior Division Kumite and Randori Class
    • 6pm Teens and Adults Division Kumite and Randori Class


Deepest Condolences to Instructor Mackenzie Walters on the passing of her mother. Her mother was a prominent figure in the community, having worked at Simmons Elementary School for many years. Our thoughts are with you.

Deepest Condolences to Mr. Richard Bornstein on the passing of his mother in August.  Mr. Bornstein lost his father earlier this year, too….very tough time for his family.

Congratulations to Mr. Kevin Cunningham and his wife, Josa on the birth of their baby girl, Mary Charlotte.


  • 8th Kids Fest in Horsham  Stop by our booth and show support.  Lots of fun, info and games during the event.
  • 14th SHIAI  6pm to 7:45pm  Details will be sent shortly via e-mail.
  • 15th 2pm Willow Brook Farm Pumpkin Picking / Hay Rides / Games…for the kids. (bring approx $12+)
  • 15th 5pm  Teens and Adults:  Meet at Spatola’s for Pizza….then carpool to Eastern Penn for the Haunted House
  • 22nd  2-3:30pm Special Black Belt Prep Class by invitation only.
  • 29th  KIDS NIGHT OUT HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY ($25 per child) 5-9pm.  Look for flyer soon.


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