The Shiai was a complete success.  Congratulations to all who were promoted.  Notable promotions include:

  • Jared Manning and Prateek Mokkarala to Sho-Dan (1st Degree Black Belt)
  • Benjamin DiCristo and Caleb Sharp to Ni-Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt)
  • Alan Exaros and Michael Arcaro to Instructor Level in our Staff Program

Congratulations: to Sho-Dan, Anoop Bhat on his district level honor for his National Merit Scholarship award.

DOJO CLOSED:  We will be closed the following times:

  • Tuesday, Halloween.  Trick or Treat!
  • Thursday through Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend

Women’s Self Defense Class was held Saturday, October 7th.  It was a lot of fun.  Topics covered were striking, defense from being grabbed, and escapes and chokes from the ground.

Kids Night Out Halloween Costume Party – Saturday, October 28th 5-9pm.  Registration is $25 per child.  Come in costume and bring a friend.  Ms. Lynott will have a flyer out on this soon.

Good Luck! to BJJ Blue Belt Kishan Jivani who enlisted in the Army Reserves.  He’ll be gone for about six months and is coming back to continue his training with us in April.


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