2020 Spring / Summer Newsletter

As we all know by now, the governor closed all businesses like ours this past March. Because of this, we have had to make aggressive, proactive moves to help our students continue to grow and advance in their chosen martial art. We’ve developed an online training course with classes almost every day of the week. We’ve recorded countless training videos that we are distributing to our students. We’ve set up private lessons and special testing events. And we will continue to find new and innovative ways to help our students reach their goals.

It is our intention to continue to provide our students and families with the best martial arts training available. To access our online training venue, please check the “schedule” page on our website for a list of class times and email us at exaros@yahoo.com to attain the link for each class.

Congratulations to Andrew Fry (BJJ Blue Belt) on his marriage to his beautiful bride, Heather on May 16th. Despite the covid-19 lock-down, they managed a beautiful, small ceremony to mark the occasion and begin new lives together. We wish them the best!

2019 Fall Newsletter

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer and are ready to move forward in your training.

Our big news is our Brand New Dojo! We moved into a new facility in August that is almost 3xs bigger than the old place. We’ll be having a Grand Opening Celebration the weekend of October 5th, alongside our Karate Shiai.

BJJ GRAND OPENING – OPEN MAT: Saturday, October 5th 11:30 to 1pm followed by a celebration with food and drink.

Karate SHIAI: Sunday, October 6th at the Montgomery Township Community Center:

  • 11:30am Junior Students
  • 1:15pm Teens and Adults and Black Belts
  • KARATE GRAND OPENING – 4pm back at the Dojo

October 31st: Halloween Crazy Clothes & Costume Training

  • All students come train in either your costume or in a crazy suit of your choice. This includes BJJ class. Let’s have fun!!

Dojo Closed: November 28,29,30 for Thanksgiving and Dec 24 to Jan. 1

DEEPEST CONDOLENCES: to Ryan and Jack McCarthy on the passing of their grandmother in September.

Holiday Kids Night Out: Saturday, Dec. 14th 5-9pm. $25 per child.

Black Belt Kobudo Class: Sunday, Dec. 15th 10am to 12n followed by KANPAI and then followed by luncheon.

Dojo Closed: December 24th through January 1st for Holiday Break. There will be a couple open mat sessions for jiu-jitsu teens and adults and possibly a couple of special classes for the karate students. See follow up email invitaions.

GASSHUKU & DAY CAMP dates have been set. See “Camp” tab on our website.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Kevin Ferguson on his wedding December 14th to his lovely bride, Meaghan. We wish them all the best of love and luck!

CONGRATULATIONS: Jace Henson – who was accepted into our Staff Assistant / Leadership Team Program. She will be assisting on Tuesdays at 5pm.

2019 Spring Newsletter


….to a bigger and better location very close to where our main Academy in Horsham is.  Sometime in the mid-to-late summer, we’ll be moving to 415 Sargon Way, Horsham, in the Babylon Corporate Center.  The space will be approx. 3xs as big as our current location with a HUGE mat area and a seating area for parents.  We will have an entirely new, upgraded mat system and a new look for our Academy.  Check us out on our Facebook Page for pics and details to come!

Gasshuku Registration Deadline is rapidly approaching.  Make sure you enroll by May 4th (May the 4th be with you!).  You can register online here, on our website.  Just click on the “Camp” tab and then “Gasshuku Registration.”


….is right around the corner.  We have a week in June and a week in August to choose from.  Most likely, our August day camp will be held in our new Dojo location!  Click on the “Camp” Tab, then “Summer Camp” to get more information.


  • To Ms. Brenda Maguire who is getting married to Michael Pantano on May 4th!
  • To Ms. Hanzlik, Mr. Mokkarala, Ms. Mokkarala, Ms. Gao, Rachel Jasner, Ms. Alexis Doll-Young and Ms. Caitlin Doll-Young on their recent acceptance into our “Leadership Team” / Assistant Instructor Program!

Deepest Condolences:

  • To Ms. Hanzlik who lost her grandmother and to Laurie Blank (our printer and Dojo friend) who lost her mother in the month of April

Fall 2018 News

Our Halloween Kids Night Out Costume Party is coming up on the 27th of Oct. 5-9pm.  Cost is $25 each child.  Bring a buddy.

Special Testing Events are slated for Oct. 27th, Nov. 17th and Dec. 15th.

Congratulations to Mr. Patrick Durante on finishing a 100-mile running race!  You can get the scoop on how he did and what he experienced on his blog:  https://bouncingsoles.com/2018/10/10/oil-creek-100-miler-mud-rain-and-pain/

Congratulations to Mr. Exaros on the publishing of his second book, “A Village Murder.”  It is the true story of the double murder of his ancestors.  You can buy a copy online at various sites such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Congratulations to Mr. Jared Manning (Sho-Dan) on being accepted into the Staff Assistant Program.  He will be assisting on Weds. evenings 6pm.

Congratulations to Ms. Amanda Maguire and her husband, Chris on the birth of their child.

Congratulations to Mr. Kevin Ketler and his wife on the birth of their twins on 10/13.


Congratulations to Anthony Larosa on his promotion to Blue Belt in BJJ 3/11

New Staff Members:  Mr. Russel Graef and Mr. Ryan McCarthy were accepted into the Staff Assistant Program / Leadership Team.  Congratulations!

Upcoming events:

  • Black Belt Class – Sunday, April 22 8:30am to 10am
  • Black Belt Prep Class – Sunday, April 22 10am to noon.
  • Deadline to Register for Gasshuku:  May 12th.
  • Academy Closed May 28th for Memorial Day
  • GASSHUKU / Training Camp:  June 1,2 3 (Academy will be closed that weekend)
  • Day Camp – June 25-29  Register at Horshamrec.com or e-mail Mr. Exaros  See our page on Day Camps for more information.

Winter News 2018

It is with great regret to report that Mr. Anthony J. Egan (7th degree black belt in karate / Purple Belt in BJJ / long time student and friend of Mr. Exaros) passed away in November after a two-year, tough battle with cancer.  Our hearts go out to his wife, Letisha and his son, Mason in this trying time.

Some Important Dates:

  • February 28th:     Deadline to pre-register for Gasshuku at a $25 discount.
  • March 17th:          2-4pm Sho-Dan Prep Class for those candidates who were invited.
  • March 29,30,31:   Academy will be closed for “SPRING BREAK”
  • April 22:                 10am to 12n Sho-Dan Prep Class for those candidates invited.
  • May 12th:               Deadline to register for Gasshuku
  • May 28th:               Academy closed for Memorial Day Holiday
  • June 1,2,3:              GASSHUKU

Congratulation to Mr. Gabe Griffith on attaining a great job at a law firm out in Lancaster, PA.  We wish you luck!



The Shiai was a complete success.  Congratulations to all who were promoted.  Notable promotions include:

  • Jared Manning and Prateek Mokkarala to Sho-Dan (1st Degree Black Belt)
  • Benjamin DiCristo and Caleb Sharp to Ni-Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt)
  • Alan Exaros and Michael Arcaro to Instructor Level in our Staff Program

Congratulations: to Sho-Dan, Anoop Bhat on his district level honor for his National Merit Scholarship award.

DOJO CLOSED:  We will be closed the following times:

  • Tuesday, Halloween.  Trick or Treat!
  • Thursday through Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend

Women’s Self Defense Class was held Saturday, October 7th.  It was a lot of fun.  Topics covered were striking, defense from being grabbed, and escapes and chokes from the ground.

Kids Night Out Halloween Costume Party – Saturday, October 28th 5-9pm.  Registration is $25 per child.  Come in costume and bring a friend.  Ms. Lynott will have a flyer out on this soon.

Good Luck! to BJJ Blue Belt Kishan Jivani who enlisted in the Army Reserves.  He’ll be gone for about six months and is coming back to continue his training with us in April.


Spring / Summer News

Yudansha-Kai Class: Friday, April 28 6-8pm at the Horsham Community Center.


to Ms. Iryna Ostapenko on being accepted at University of Wisconsin. She will be attending there in the fall.

and to Mr. Jake Coll on being accepted at Temple University.  He is also attending in the fal.

DEADLINE to register for the Gasshuku is May 15th. End of May is also the deadline to register for one of our exciting day camps!


BJJ Special Training Class
Saturday, January 21 12n. We will train for a little over an hour, then go to lunch. All BJJ students
are encouraged to attend.

Black Belt Prep Class
Saturday, January 21 2pm. All students being tested this year for Sho-Dan should report.

Horsham 300 year Anniversary Health and Wellness Demonstration.
Saturday, February 11 at Simmons Elementary School. We will be hosting a booth from 10am to 3pm with a
demonstration scheduled at 12n. Please sign up with your instructor to be a part of the demo.

Deepest Condolences to Mr. Cameron King on the passing of his Grandfather.

Congratulations to Mr. Mihai Todea and his wife on the birth of their child, Sebastian in December.

Congratulations to Mr. Brad Umfer and his wife, Kari on the birth of their child, Amelia Rose on January 9!

Congratulations to Mr. Tom Ruch who graduated from the Welder Training and Testing Institute in Allentown, Pa with certifications in SMAW (Shield Metal Arc Welding), FCAW (Flux Cord Arc Welding) and GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding)


As we finish up the year, 2016 I want to take a moment to thank all of the students, parents and families who have been so supportive over the past 25+ years.  This didn’t just happen, we made it happen.

Here is some news for our Academies as we draw closer to 2017:

Dec. 17th was our End of the Year Kanpai (All Black Belts)  Congratulations to Mr. King and Mr. Larosa on their promotion to San-Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt) and to Mr. Keller on his promotion to Go-Dan (5th Degree Black Belt). We all went out to dinner afterwards at our favorite Sushi restaurant: Hunan City in Warrington. Great Time!.

Congratulation to Mr. S. Parys and his wife, Kat on the birth of their second child, Elizabeth Marie on Christmas Day!!!! Momma and baby are doing great!

Congratulations to Ms. Nicole Wagner on graduating with her Masters Degree this month in Geography from the West Chester University. Her majors were Geography, Planning and GIS. She also published a thesis on “Reconstruction of Historical Streams and Wetlands in Philadelphia.” Great job!

Deepest Condolences to Ms. Lynott and her family on the loss of her grandmother a couple days before Christmas.

DOJO CLOSED:  Saturday, Dec. 24 and Saturday, Dec. 31.  Have an awesome Holiday!!!

January 2 through March 20th we will be running a 12-week course at all three Rec Centers (Doylestown, Lansdale, Upper Merion / King of Prussia) on Mondays at 6pm.  See the individual Rec Center websites to register.  You can also find the information in our website under “Locations” tab.

January 21, Saturday 12n Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program Special Class.

January 21, Saturday 2pm Sho-dan Prep Class for all those being tested for Sho-Dan in 2017. (one hour)

HAPPY NEW YEAR…….2017, here we come!!!

………..prior months’ news:


Deepest Condolences to Mr. Dallas Strachan and Mr. Kevin Ferguson who both lost a grandparent in November.

Congratulations to Mr. Caleb Sharp (Sho-Dan) who made National Honor Society!

SEMINAR:  Mario Roberto will be returning to Pennsylvania the weekend of Nov. 11th to conduct some training, testing and a seminar.

  • Friday, the 11th……..8pm Class ($20)
  • Sunday, the 13th……9am Blue Belt Testing (by invitation only).
  • Sunday, the 13th……2-4pm Seminar ($45)

The holiday week between Christmas and New Years we will be conducting the following special classes (normal classes are cancelled).  These classes are optional and you can come to as many as you want (according to the program you are enrolled in):

  • Monday
    • 5pm Regular BJJ Class
    • 6pm Black Belt Mentoring Class (come in and get special training from the black belts)
    • 7pm Weapons Class
  • Tuesday
    • 6pm Black Belt Mentoring Class
    • 7pm BJJ Class
  • Wednesday
    • 6pm Black Belt Mentoring Class
    • 7pm Weapons Class
    • 8pm Regular BJJ Class
  • Thursday
    • 5:30 – 6:45pm Bring a Buddy to Class and be the assistant (Junior Division)
    • 7pm BJJ Class
  • Friday
    • 5pm Junior Division Kumite and Randori Class
    • 6pm Teens and Adults Division Kumite and Randori Class


Deepest Condolences to Instructor Mackenzie Walters on the passing of her mother. Her mother was a prominent figure in the community, having worked at Simmons Elementary School for many years. Our thoughts are with you.

Deepest Condolences to Mr. Richard Bornstein on the passing of his mother in August.  Mr. Bornstein lost his father earlier this year, too….very tough time for his family.

Congratulations to Mr. Kevin Cunningham and his wife, Josa on the birth of their baby girl, Mary Charlotte.


  • 8th Kids Fest in Horsham  Stop by our booth and show support.  Lots of fun, info and games during the event.
  • 14th SHIAI  6pm to 7:45pm  Details will be sent shortly via e-mail.
  • 15th 2pm Willow Brook Farm Pumpkin Picking / Hay Rides / Games…for the kids. (bring approx $12+)
  • 15th 5pm  Teens and Adults:  Meet at Spatola’s for Pizza….then carpool to Eastern Penn for the Haunted House
  • 22nd  2-3:30pm Special Black Belt Prep Class by invitation only.
  • 29th  KIDS NIGHT OUT HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY ($25 per child) 5-9pm.  Look for flyer soon.