July 2013 Newsletter

News of the 
Kokoro Kai

July, 2013


Dr. Mario Roberto will be teaching two seminars this month on the 19th and 20th. Please e-mail Mr. Exaros with any questions or if you would like a brochure at exaros@yahoo.com You can also get brochures at the Dojo.


The Dojo will be closed on Thursday, the 4th of July.


To everyone who participated and had a blast at our Gasshuku last month. The weather was perfect and the training was sure intense. I’d like to recognize those individuals who were promoted to Sho-Dan over the weekend:
– Mr. Johnston
– Mr. Ye
– Mr. Dull
– Ms. Malamut
– Mr. Pilch


We have put together a single-day Karate Camp on August 17th. This will be an excellent opportunity for new students to check out the camp along with their parents so that you might feel more comfortable sending your child off to the camp next year for the weekend.

Aside from that, all students are welcome to participate in a day that is going to be full of activities, some training, and a lot of fun. Please see your instructor for a brochure.


Right now, we are working on a Shiai scheduled for Sunday, September 22nd that will also include a full day of various seminars taught by Master Advincula, the master of our style of karate, Isshinryu. We haven’t confirmed our visit from Master Advincula yet, but the Shiai portion of the day is definitely scheduled for that morning from 9am to 11am….so mark your calendars. That portion of the day will be mandatory for all students…..the rest of the day will be optional with various seminars on various aspects of our curriculum to be announced.