Online Class Registration

During our Covid-19 mandatory shut-down, our Academy is offering an online, beginner / introductory course of instruction in martial arts to the children of our community. 
Who is this course for?  Children ages 5-11, and all teens and adults who have access to a computer and the Internet.

Live in a different county, state, or country?  Then you can still participate in this fantastic online class.

This course includes:
– Two 1/2 hour online sessions per week (Monday & Wednesday 3:15pm)
– Personal, online interaction with an instructor that will give your child the feeling of receiving a private lesson.

Benefits include:
– Learning the basic, beginner curriculum of our Martial Arts Academy.
– Monthly evaluations and promotions in rank as the child advances through the curriculum.
– An activity that will keep you / your child engaged and active.
– Self-empowerment through self defense.

Please complete the following information to register for our online class program.

Individual Rate – $49 per month

Family Rate (2 or more students) – $69 per month

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