Summer Newsletter 2016

Congratulations to all of our students who graduated college, high school, junior high and grade school this month!

Congratulations to those who were promoted at our Gasshuku / Intensive Training Camp Weekend, especially those who made black belt and black belt degree promotions:

  • Sho-Dan Promotions:
    • Yovel Lendner
    • Mihai Todea
    • Gabrielle Leavitt
    • Gregory Lostaunau
    • Srikar Yelamarthy
  • Ni-Dan Promotions:
    • Andrew Genesio
    • Jacob Pilch
  • San-Dan Promotions:
    • Tom Ruch
    • Luke Graglia
  • Go-Dan / Renshi Promotion:
    • Neil Zieselman
  • Roku-Dan / Shihan Promotion:
    • Kevin Ferguson
  • Nana-Dan / Kyoshi Promotion:
    • Anthony J. Egan

Congratulations to Mr. Jacob Pilch on attaining his Eagle Scout!


  • Next Kobudo Class to be announced soon.

The Dojo will be closed Labor Day Weekend, Friday, through Monday.

New Kids BJJ Class forming at the end of August:  We will keep you posted.


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